Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And . . . ACTION!

Another acting class finished, and this one was grueling. I'm playing Catherine in Proof. Yikes! If I have to say "It's mine. I wrote it." one more time, I'm more likely to say, "You're right. There's no way in hell I wrote this."

There are three things I'm focused on in class:
* My lines
* My emotion
* My action

I've discovered that when I focus on one, the others go bye-bye. LOL!

This week the instructor talked about how action can create emotion. I know that as writers we're taught at pattern:
Feeling--> Action --> Speech
I've always operated on the sidelines of that belief because many times I've done something without a clearn thought about what I was feeling until after I did it . . . especially when high emotion was concerned. And then I thought, "Wow. I guess I was angry."

I also think with the right action, mentioning the "feeling" is unnecessary.
Tori hurled the vase against the wall. "Get out!"