Friday, July 23, 2010

Scene Rescue 911

This is not about how to take a scene you're currently struggling with and make it sing. Although that is certainly a noble pursuit--one to which most fiction writers are aspiring at this very moment. No, this blog post is about your step-children. The babies you've forsaken for the bigger and better scene. This is about the passage you cut away like an extra thumb vowing some day to return and use it elsewhere.

This writing activity is a seance. A reanimation.

Most of us have scenes that we've cut out of a previous work with hopes of visiting later for other works. Go back to one of those scenes--the further back, the better.

(If you aren't saving your scenes, shame on you! Start right now. Create a document called "Cut Scenes." Don't delete your words permanently.--> remember I said I was lazy<--Save them. They come in handy when you hit character resistance or need some inspiration.)

So, revisit your family. Take a word, a sentence, a sentiment, a name, a description, or a conflict and incorporate it into your current WIP.

Let me know how it goes.


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