Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Pen By Any Other Brand . . .

would definitely not write as sweetly!
I've had a thing for pens for about 15 years. Ten years ago I put my dollars where my fascination was and bought my first "nice" pen. Levenger True Writer. Since then, I've fed my pen jones, My friends and family have been good to me on birthdays and special occasions.

I've discovered that when I write with them, something wonderful happens . . . I write better. My handwriting, my poems, short stories, and fiction. My muse knows there's something special in my hand and does not disappoint. If I'm working on my computer and get stuck on a scene, I take out one of my pens, grab and pad of paper and push through it.

Some of the pens in my collection aren't that expensive (like the $16 tan and black one or the $10 black and white one that lights up). Some of them just have fantastic weight and feel so damned good in my hand, I can't help but write something I'm proud of.

When I was on tour with my novel The Glory of Love, I was using my orange pen. Since I bought it, I've forgotten the make of it. However, a guy that came up to purchase a book for his wife knew exactly what type it was. Make, model, type of ink cartridge. It's always cool to meet a fellow pen aficionado!

I bought my red True Writer when I sighed my first book contract. I bought the Sheaffer Balance fountain pen when my first book Destiny's Song came out. For raw creativity, there's nothing, nothing like a good pen.

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