Sunday, December 5, 2010

Paper Fondling

Yesterday my writers group held our Christmas party. We had a potluck and a gift exchange—the kind where everyone picks a gift or “steals” a gift that someone else has. Our theme was to bring something that inspires us. Not surprisingly, several of the gifts were wine, chocolate, or wine & chocolate. There were also several writing journals. One of the journals had a pretty, fern-green, viney print on the cover. But the most interesting part of the journal was the paper inside. The woman who brought it said she picked it because the paper was so smooth.

Of course, the woman who’d chosen the journal opened it and felt the paper. That led to the first, “Oh my gosh . . . “ She slid her fingers across the paper for a few more seconds while the rest of us watched intrigued. This is how it started.

Well, I’m sure you can guess the person next to her had to have a feel. That reaction might have been, “Oh!” but after a while, the responses ran over each other. The proud owner of the smooth paper walked the journal around to each of us so we all could cop a feel.

“Whoo.” “Oh my gosh.” “Wow.” “Oh . . . ”

I’m telling you that paper was like silk. My hand melted against it. The rubbin’ was good.

The perfect word on the right paper is magical. For writers, paper is another tool that we sometimes use to get the story right. I’ve been imagining the kinds of stories I could get right on that smooth paper ever since I felt it. I may have to get one of those journals.

Our paper lust yesterday reminded me that there’s nothing like the validation of like minds. People who understand the unique strangeness of that thing you’re really in to. There’s a special kinship and connectedness that comes from that. It can make your conviction strong and your determination stronger.

Just when you think you’re the weird one, you discover there are others out there just like you.


  1. LOL, Kim! I feel so much less weird now....

  2. It's comforting to not be weird alone. lol

  3. Aftcr the party I ran out & cleaned Target out of those journals. The paper is made of stone! I was thinking anything I write in those journals: goals, plots, etc. will come true because they will be "written in stone."

  4. Kim,
    I love this post! Truer words, I've never heard! Thankyou for capturing the moment so perfectly. I was laughing out loud, again earning the look, that I'm strange, from my husband!