Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crop Where You Stop

I'm often asked how I find time to write. My usual response is, "I don't find time, I make time." I've done local and national workshops on the topic of "finding time," but this YouTube video by Jan, one of my favorite papercrafters, shows the dedication to "finding time" in action.

Jan's husband is recovering from a serious illness. During his hospital stay, Jan has managed to keep on top of crafting--something that she's passionate about. I connected with Jan's experience because it reminded me that when my mother was in a hospice facility, she would kick me out of her room after about an hour. So, I would go to the lobby of the facility and give my mom the space she wanted by writing on my word processor for a while. Then I would go back in to my mom's room and stay until she kicked me out again. I did this over and over. After the experience, it proved to me that the time we want is there . . . if we really want it.

People come up with reasons (read excuses) for not writing . But maybe, there really aren't that many.

Thanks, Jan for the inspiration!

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